Uncover new movement, enhance your performance, and level up your strength with pole & aerial complementary enrichment classes.

Aerial Conditioning

Level up your strength and cardio with this all levels conditioning class. This class uses the pole, as well as other apparatus to increase strength, stability, and stamina.


Unlock incredible moves in your pole or aerial skillset with our all levels flexibility class. This class will help you improve your backbends, front splits, middle splits, and twists.

Twerk It Out

Learn the technique and core engagement required for twerking to get your heart pumpin' and booty shakin'. Some familiarity with pole dance is beneficial. Heels are welcomed for an added challenge, but optional.

Handstands & Balances

Build foundational skills for a solid handstand. This all levels class will focus on a variety of drills to build the proper technique for handstands, forearm stands, headstands, and other balance poses.