Develop your strength, enhance your flexibility, and learn to build the mind/body connection through the versatile art of aerial silks.

Aerial Hammock L2

Explore creative movement and aerial yoga flow in this class. Learn how to put together combos, incorporate playful transitions, and develop your own style. Modifications made for beginners as needed. Leggings or pants are recommended for comfort in inverted positions. Prerequisites: - Able to somersault in/out of the hammock- Comfortably flip into a hip hang- Comfortable with inversions

Aerial Hammock L1

Flow through traditional yoga asanas with an aerial hammock for a unique way to assist and challenge balance, strength, and flexibility. This class is designed for all skill levels and perfect for beginners. Leggings or pants recommended for comfort in inverted positions.

Aerial Hammock L1/2

This mixed level aerial silk hammock class focuses on strength building, flexibility conditioning, and incorporates yoga inspired flows with a dash of hammock tricks and transitions. Friendly for all levels, bodies, and skill sets to learn and enhance your fabric language through movement with and around the silk. You deserve some self-love stretches! Leggings or pants are recommended for comfort in inverted positions.

Intro to Aerial Silks

Build the foundational skills necessary to dance and move confidently with aerial silks, also known as tissu. This intro class is designed for all skill levels. Learn to climb, descend, and invert from the ground with strength, style, and balance.

Intermediate Aerial Silks

Build upon the foundations of our Intro to Aerial Silks series. Instructor approval required. Students should be familiar with the following skills before attending: wrap climb, hand over hand descent, single figure 8 footlock, the tip, fake flag, hip lock, and straddle up.

Aerial Silks Choreo & Performance

A series of classes culminating with a finished piece or work in progress and possible performance for public, friends, or family.